We are happy to greet you on Ilodka.com portal devoted to yachting. If you are reading this text, it is very likely that you have a feeling for boats and yachts and recreation on the water. Just like us you might have a thirst for adventure and new discoveries and want to keep abreast of the latest and most important events in the yachting industry. If it is so, welcome aboard ilodka.com!

Out portal has several sections. In the ‘News’ and ‘Articles’ sections we collect relevant information about new products and most significant events in the world of yachting.

‘Habitat’ section provides all kinds of information that might come in handy to a sailor.

‘Fleet’ is our catalogue, or rather a collection of the best yachts, motor boats and superyachts from all over the world. You can select a boat based on a wide range of parameters and characteristics. ‘Brokerage’ and ‘Charter’ sections have been created for you to buy or charter a vessel that suits you best. 

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