We are always glad to meet new people, make new contacts and are open to communication and collaboration for mutual benefit. 


For companies

If you represent a company and would like to discuss the opportunity to arrange a publication about your company, please contact us at Enter ‘Company. Collaboration’ in the subject line of your letter and specify what kind of collaboration you are interested in. We will surely get back to you shortly and discuss all the details. 


For authors

If you are an author specializing in yachting and can create materials that might be interesting for our audience, please, tell us about yourself. Feel free to contribute or discuss future collaboration. Contact us at and enter ‘Author. Collaboration’ in the subject line of your letter. We will definitely get back to you shortly. 


For shipyards

Does your company build, repair or maintain boats? Would you like to tell a wider audience about it on our portal? GreatContact us at and we will get back to you to discuss potential collaboration. Please enter ‘Shipyard. Collaboration’ in the subject line of your letter. 


Other collaboration opportunities

 We are always open to collaboration for mutual benefit. If you find our portal interesting and would like to offer us your ideas, initiatives, non-standard collaborations or information partnership, we are looking forward to hearing from you at Please specify your offer in the subject line of your letter after the word ‘Collaboration’. For instance, ‘Collaboration. Information partnership’.