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About Lürssen shipyard

German Lürssen is a huge conglomerate of numerous shipyards, which started back in 1875 with racing rowboats. In 1886 its founder Friedrich Lürssen together with Gottlieb Daimler built the world’s first ever powerboat – the 6 m REMs, on which Daimler tested his new petrol engine. Ten years later a 12 m Daimler powerboat appeared, and in 1905 Lürssen built the first real racing speedboat Donnerwetter, which was capable of reaching nearly 35 knots with a 40-hp engine.  In later racing seasons Lürssen-Daimler and Saurer-Lürssen speedboats with engines over 100 hp became a sensation, reaching the speed of over 30 knots. During World War I and II  Lürssen built a wide range of military vessels, and in the period between the wars the shipyard started building wooden motor yachts. By the end of the 1920s they set a world record by building a 36 m long wooden boat. After World War II Lürssen had to start from scratch, but gradually their production was restored. In 1962 they built a 55 m Pegasus II, and in 1973 there appeared a 71 m megayacht, Carinthia VI, which became the first large project for legendary designer Jon Bannenberg, as well as the one of the most luxurious yachts of the decade. In 1988 the company split their production into the naval and yachting businesses, and the share of the latter increased considerably. In 1997 the 97 m Limitless megayacht was built, and in 2013 the 180 m Azzam, which became the world’s longest yacht, and this record has not been beaten yet. 


Lürssen has no mass production, and they have no ‘platform yachts’ either. The shipyard builds only the largest, most expensive and technically perfect custom projects, working with the world’s best designers. Huge and constantly growing production sites with direct access to the sea have almost no limits in terms of the yachts’ size and technical outfitting. 


Lürssen yachts have occupied the top lines among the largest and most famous yachts in the world. Among the latest ‘greatest’ creations of the shipyard one can mention Ahpo (115 m, 2021), Nord (141 m, 2021), Dilbar (156 m, 2016), Flying Fox (136 m, 2019) and many other unique superyachts. 


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