Panerai Submersible Elux LAB-ID: Light without batteries

Panerai Submersible Elux LAB-ID PAM01800 dive watch is equipped with a smart lighting system with a microgenerator that converts mechanical energy into electricity
June 27 2024 • by Victoria Struts 3 minutes to read

The model features a technology patented over half a century ago, but in a new, refined iteration 

In addition to watches, at the dawn of its history Panerai produced various devices for the Italian Navy, so apart from Radiomir and Luminor luminous paints (that later gave names to its most famous collections), the company's assets also include Elux technology, patented by G.Panerai & Figli back in 1966. It consisted of electroluminescent panels that were powered by chemical batteries or from a stationary current source, and were used in marine devices requiring a high level of illumination. 

In 2024 they decided to reintroduce Elux into the world of watches, but at a far more advanced technological level. 

LEDs of Panerai Submersible Elux LAB-ID are powered by 8 × 2.3 mm microgenerator. It has absolutely no active electronics and features coils, magnets and a stator. The high-speed rotor operates at 80 revs per second, generating a 240 Hz electrical signal. Four of the movement’s six barrels provide power to light up LEDs on the indexes, hands, and the lume pip on the bezel. 

By the way, due to LEDs the hands are quite thick. As the maximum non-stop display lighting time is 30 minutes, they put Super-LumiNova X2 on the indices and the hour hand, and Super-LumiNova X1 on the minute hand and bezel dot. To optimize energy consumption the bezel is fitted with an intellectual lighting system that switches LEDs on only when it’s near the zero mark, and only 15 LEDs out of 60 in the bezel can turn on at the same time.

The substantial 49 mm case is made of patented Ti-Ceramitech, transformed through Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation, which gives it a bluish-grey colour. The case is 44% lighter than the steel one, and 10 times tougher than traditional ceramic, allowing it to endure high pressure and temperature jumps: the watch can operate 500 metres under the water safely. 

Just like other models from Submersible collection, the new watch is outfitted with a sapphire crystal over the dial. Under the case back, there is an autuomatic P.9010/EL caliber with 55 jewels, with a frequency of 28800 vibrations / hour and a power reserve of three days. The rubber strap which matches the case colour comes with a trapezoidal titanium tang buckle.

The Panerai Submersible Elux LAB-ID PAM01800 is a limited edition: 150 pieces will come in three runs of 50 watches a year. 

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Victoria Struts
Victoria Struts
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