'Sportfisher on steroids' goes on sea trials

The world’s largest 52-metre sportfisher built by Dutch Royal Huisman will soon be delivered to her owner
April 27 2024 • by Olga Selezneva 2 minutes to read

The yacht built by Dutch Royal Huisman and formerly known as Project 406 has been unveiled as Special One

And she is really special: it is the largest 52-metre sportfisher yacht in the world. Special One looks like a typical American sportfisher: with large false bulwarks, a long flaring bow, a low uncluttered aft cockpit and a high tower, where one can watch the fishing process. However, in addition to the impressive length, she features six decks, which makes her a real fishing superyacht. 

Special One was created for an experienced yachtsman passionate about fishing, who described the boat he wanted as a “sportfisher on steroids”. It is a really unique vessel, designed by renowned Dutch Yacht Design studio. Nothing similar has ever been seen in any water area in the world. The goal was to design a comfortable and even luxurious fishing boat for a large group of friends.

For example, in addition to its main fishing function, the tower has become an excellent viewing platform for the guests, who can watch everything that is going on below. The aluminium hull and superstructure ensure the vessel is robust and lightweight, which allows her to reach the promising fishing spots for trophy fish like tuna or marlin. During the sea trials that started recently Special One demonstrated a speed of over 30 knots.

It is not yet known what is inside: hopefully, the interiors developed by Vripack will soon be revealed. But the yacht does look impressive on the outside – particularly at night, when she is illuminated by the innovative laser-powered lighting. 

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Olga Selezneva
Olga Selezneva
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