RMK Marine starts construction of ER65 custom explorer

RMK Marine shipyard has laid the keel of a 65-metre custom explorer, which is to become the Turkish manufacturer’s flagship after her launch
Feb 22 2024 2 minutes to read
The 65-metre ER65 expedition superyacht

The project that is currently known as the ER65 was designed as an explorer, capable of taking the owner to the most remote parts of the globe

The strict and minimalist exterior design of the explorer superyacht was developed by ER Yacht Design, which was also in charge of her interiors. 

"The owner specifically requested a custom-designed, long-range, go-anywhere project for an expedition motor yacht, with style and an elegant timeless, classic look. This is the kind of project that a yacht designer waits for all his life," said Ivan Erdevecki, founder of ER Yacht Design. 

Engineering and production design is the result of a collaborative effort of RMK Marine and Eureka Yachts. 

According to the shipyard, the ER65 explorer will be built to Lloyds ice-class standards and will be one of a rare few vessels to carry the title of Polar Code Category B - Ice Class PC6. 

The 65-metre ER65 expedition superyacht
The 65-metre ER65 expedition superyacht

It is also known that in addition to a helipad and a dedicated tender hangar, the yacht will also have a watertight compartment for storing a submarine. 

There is accommodation for 12 guests and a crew of 20, and in addition to cabins, the yacht houses numerous amenities, including a sauna, a massage room, a gym and a library, as well as well-equipped medical facilities.

The ER65 is designed by ER Yacht Design
The ER65 is designed by ER Yacht Design

The yacht will also have two eight-metre custom-built aluminium expedition tenders, which can deliver the guests ashore and help them explore the surroundings. “When we first saw the general arrangements and the profile of the yacht, we simply fell in love with its elegance and graceful sheer line. We are very excited about the idea of building this craft," said Özgür Numan, yacht department director at RMK Marine. 

The launch of the ER65 is scheduled for 2026.


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