Annual May Regatta to open sailing season in Sochi

On May 4-5 “Imeritinskiy” yacht port is going to be a venue for the two-day May Regatta, where everyone can take part
April 19 2024 2 minutes to read
May Regatta in Sochi welcomes both professionals and first-timers

Despite the fact that experience is not required, the regatta will be held in accordance with all the rules of sailing, with a distance, judges, and awarding the prize-winners 

“May Regatta has already become traditional, and it is this competition that has been opening the active sailing season on the Black Sea for a few years now”, says Victor Vasilyev, head of PROyachting Sochi division and organizer of the race. “People from all parts of Russia come to take part in the races, including both professionals and amateurs. A maximum number of races take place during these two days, and the competition is really fierce and exciting”.

You can take part in the regatta both with a team of your own or join a collective one that will be formed of individual participants. There will be experienced skippers on board the yachts with those who are not experienced in yachting yet. They will explain all the rules of the race and guide the first-timers. 

May Regatta in Sochi welcomes both professionals and first-timers
May Regatta in Sochi welcomes both professionals and first-timers
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