Beach clubs are growing bigger

The emerging trend for having a holiday ‘as close to the water as possible’ is far from waning: quite on the contrary, it’s gaining new development
July 29 2023 • by Alexander Shumskiy 2 minutes to read

More and more boat owners and their guests want to relax at sea level, and shipyards react to this request almost instantaneously

Hydraulic swim platforms are getting bigger in size, and the area is increasing thanks to side terraces and fold-out balconies that add extra meters to the beach clubs when anchored. What used to be possible for superyachts only can now be found on 15-20 m yachts. 

Besides, many manufacturers start considering the idea of transformable yachts that can increase their open deck area dramatically when anchored. It works especially well on small boats, where every centimeter matters. For instance, one can see this on Evo Yachts models, as well as other yachts and motor boats.

British Sunseeker was one of the first shipyards to add beach clubs to smaller yachts. On their recently launched 17,13 m Superhawk 55 they decided to make the aft as open as possible and merge the cockpit with a swim platform by making them almost one level. Thus, they managed to ‘blur’ the boundaries of the beach club. Similar solutions can be found on other manufacturers’ boats, too, for instance, some Bluegame and Sanlorenzo models.  

If we look at superyachts, in addition to the fold-out terraces mentioned above, there’s a trend for aft tender garages to disappear and to free space for beach clubs with bars and lounges that are often combined with wellness area, sauna and massage parlour. Tenders and water toys are stored in side garages or on the foredeck. 


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Alexander Shumskiy
Alexander Shumskiy
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