Rossinavi's first hybrid-electric catamaran Seawolf X hits water

The first all-aluminium 42.75-metre catamaran has been launched at the Rossinavi yard in Italian Viareggio
May 20 2024 4 minutes to read
Rossinavi Seawolf X catamaran

In addition to hybrid diesel-electric propulsion, Seawolf X can boast AI (artificial intelligence) technologies, aimed at making navigation more sustainable

Seawolf X offers rather an interesting combination of attractive design and environmental friendliness. The exterior of the catamaran was created by Fulvio De Simoni Yacht Design studio, and the interiors come from New York-based Meyer Davis Studio. 

Rossinavi Seawolf X catamaran
Rossinavi Seawolf X catamaran

The sleek lines of the hull and the superstructure, as well as the low profile reveal the vessel’s sport character. Seawolf X’s exterior features three different areas: a cozy cockpit with a pool, a spacious sundeck with sunbathing and lounge areas, as well as an unusual bow space with a hidden pool and a convertible home cinema.

Striving for sustainability, the Fulvio De Simoni team also integrated solar panels into the catamaran’s surface, which are large enough to ensure energy efficiency. Besides, they have developed a number of solutions aimed at reducing the weight and enhancing the aesthetics of the vessel. 

Rossinavi Seawolf X catamaran
Rossinavi Seawolf X catamaran

As for the interiors, the key goal was to create a convivial and inviting atmosphere on board this futuristic vessel. According to the yard, Meyer Davis Studio spent a lot of time working on the lighting and finishing materials selection. 

It is worth mentioning that the shipyard thought of three performance scenarios for the new vessel. The catamaran cruises in a full electric mode on one-day trips. On longer trips, Seawolf X  uses the electric mode for 90% of the time.  And for transatlantic trips this indicator goes down to 80%. 

The Hibernation mode, which kicks off when the catamaran is moored and the consumption is reduced to a minimum, the energy that is generated can be given back to the quay or to some private property. According to the manufacturers, Seawolf X supplies enough energy to charge up an entire villa. 

Rossinavi Seawolf X catamaran
Rossinavi Seawolf X catamaran

“After years of study and construction, it is now a source of satisfaction and pride for us to witness the launch of project Sea Cat, now Seawolf X, the first hybrid-electric multihull vessel. This yacht showcases remarkable technological innovations, marking the beginning of a new chapter in next-generation vessels," said Federico Rossi, Chief Operating Officer of Rossinavi.

Rossinavi has also developed an onboard artificial intelligence system, Rossinavi AI, to improve comfort and maximize the yacht’s green potential. Artificial intelligence constantly analyses the operation of the vessel; it predicts the needs of guests on board and interacts with the crew, advising them to favour lower-impact behaviours and educating them on conscious cruising. 

Rossinavi Seawolf X catamaran
Rossinavi Seawolf X catamaran

The AI software is also capable of monitoring the battery pack to keep it in a range of 20 to 80 percent, which is ideal for greater longevity. Two diesel generators can quickly recharge the batteries, while fast charging from shore power will take only five hours. 

The fact that Seawolf X represents Rossinavi’s eco-friendly fleet is confirmed by the yacht’s BluE label, the shipyard’s new sustainable philosophy. 

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