World's first hydrogen fuel-cell superyacht launched

Dutch Feadship is the first in the world to launch the 118.80-metre superyacht Project 821 powered by hydrogen fuel cells
May 6 2024 5 minutes to read
Project 821 is the largest motor yacht ever launched in the Netherlands

Project 821 will also become Feadship’s flagship and the largest yacht ever built by Dutch shipyards

According to Feadship, Project 821 is capable of changing the yachting industry dramatically and launching the mass adoption of green technologies. The design of the yacht developed by British RWD design underscores the uniqueness of the superyacht. Her classic lines, strict profile and the colour of the hull seem traditional at first glance, but are in fact flowing and modern and boast a number of features that make Project 821 stand out from other superyachts. 

Project 821 is the largest motor yacht ever launched in the Netherlands
Project 821 is the largest motor yacht ever launched in the Netherlands

In addition to the exterior, RWD studio was also responsible for the layouts and the interior décor. A pallet of light neutral colours in textured fabrics and leathers, marble, rattan, fumed and taupe eucalyptus and limed oak was used to create a luxurious coastal vibe. It is also known that the door and hallway railings trim change the materials on different decks, while their shape remains unchanged. 

The seven-deck vessel boast lots of features. Thus, the owner's private deck, which is 37 metres above the water, houses two bedrooms, bathrooms and wardrobes, as well as a gym, a pantry, offices and a saloon. There is a jacuzzi forward, and a shaded lounge aft, while comfortable walkways turn this level into a full-fledged walkaround deck. 

The owners' deck is 37 metres above the water
The owners' deck is 37 metres above the water

However, the owner’s dedicated space is not just one deck. A unique private staircase decorated with bookshelves and display nooks, as well as an owner’s elevator connect all the levels, including the lower deck. There are inviting cozy corners on every level, like a coffee corner or a games niche on the bridge deck, a library on the main deck or a dining room with a sea terrace on the lower deck. In fact, they managed to create something like a secluded four-level townhouse by the sea inside the superyacht. 

The beam of 19 metres allowed for spacious interiors, as well as ample guest sidedecks and wide corridors. According to the yard, Project 821 also features the most hull “openings” of any Feadship superyacht to date: in addition to five massive shell doors, there are seven large opening platforms and fourteen balconies that slide out at the touch of a button. 

“The aim has been to develop a new, clean technology not just for this project, but for the world," said Jan-Bart Verkuyl, Feadship Director / CEO Royal Van Lent Shipyard at the launch ceremony. 

The profile drawn by RWD is flowing and modern
The profile drawn by RWD is flowing and modern

According to the yard, the size of Project 821 made her a good candidate to explore pure green hydrogen and methanol. However, the superyacht will be powered not only this way, but also by HVO biodiesel. The reason is that it takes eight to ten times more space to store compressed liquid hydrogen at -253°C on board than the energy equivalent in diesel fuel. So for longer travels the electricity powering the 3,200 kW ABB pod drives will come from MTU generators combusting HVO, while at anchor (up to a week of silent operation), as well as navigating at 10 knots in protected marine zones the energy will come from fuel cells. 

Jan-Bart Verkuyl believes that fuel cells will play an important role for yachts in the years to come, considering their superior efficiency, low particle emissions and low noise radiation. "We have now shown that cryogenic storage of liquified hydrogen in the interior of a superyacht is a viable solution. Future innovations on fuel cells and onboard reforming of methanol to hydrogen are on the near horizon." 

It is also known that Project 821 is currently being offered for sale by Edmiston. 

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