New Pirelli X400 Jet Tender

The first renderings of the model have been revealed for those who didn’t have a chance to see it alive late in January 2024
February 15 2024 • by Olga Selezneva 2 minutes to read

Sacs Tecnorib company that manufactures tenders and RIBs under Pirelli Speedboats brand has finally revealed the renderings of the new PIRELLI X400 jet tender, which premiered at boot Düsseldorf 2024

Created in collaboration with designer Christian Grande, the Pirelli X400 elevates the concept of a tender, making it much more versatile. The model features soft attractive shapes, a wide bow and configurable backrests for the seats.

The variety of accessories and customizations makes the X line adaptable to the needs of every customer and any size of the garage, allowing for really flexible use of the craft. 

Among the variety of branded accessories there are bags to mount on the sides of the tubes, a document and personal effect holder to attach to the console, and wakeboard racks that are secured with a special buckle system to maximize the available space.  

The Pirelli X400 is powered by a 90hp Rotax ACE 903 gasoline engine package.


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Olga Selezneva
Olga Selezneva
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