World's largest sailing catamaran sets off on her first art trip

Italian Perini Navi has built and delivered the 46.5-metre sailing catamaran with an aluminium hull dubbed “the largest in the world”
March 19 2024 3 minutes to read
Lounge area on the main deck forward

The ArtExplorer has an extraordinary mission of bringing art experiences to people all over the world 

Both the exterior and interior design of the catamaran were developed by French architect Axel de Beaufort. The unusual shape of the superstructure can be explained by the fact that the owner of the catamaran, French businessman and entrepreneur Frédéric Jousset, is not planning to use the boat for his personal needs only. The project was initially conceived as a floating art gallery that will travel around the world, take part in various biennales and serve as a venue for art exhibitions, seminars and conferences.

Lounge area on the main deck forward
Lounge area on the main deck forward

 They confirm this information at the shipyard and say that the flybridge can be used for virtual exhibitions, workshops and conferences, while the main saloon can house an art gallery. 

According to Jousset, he was urged to create a catamaran like this by the crisis that art galleries around the world are currently experiencing, as well as his desire to bring art experiences to the masses. The initial plan was that the owner will spend a month on board, then the ArtExplorer will be available for charter for a couple of months, and another month will be spent on maintenance. For the rest of the year the catamaran will travel to the most remote parts of the globe offering onboard art exhibitions. 

The flybridge can be used for virtual exhibitions and conferences
The flybridge can be used for virtual exhibitions and conferences

At present the ArtExplorer is already on her two-year art cruise, after which she will be available for charter. 

Solar panels of 65 sq.m together with lithium batteries, exhaust systems with filters necessary to "decrease emissions and particulate matter" are all aimed at reducing the negative impact on the environment. The catamaran with a beam of 17.3 m and a mast of 55 m will be powered mainly by the wind energy, while the fully automated all-carbon sail plan can be operated by a single person and enables sailing even when the wind is low. 

The fully automated sail plan can be operated by a single person
The fully automated sail plan can be operated by a single person

The ArtExplorer can accommodate up to 12 guests in six cabins, three of which are located on the main deck, and the rest are in the hulls. In case the wind is low, the vessel will be powered by twin diesel Caterpillar C7.

The ArtExplorer is the first vessel built by Italian Perini Navi since it was acquired by The Italian Sea Group (TISG) late in 2021.

“The ArtExplorer demonstrates our ability to be protagonists also in the large sailing segment, as well as pioneers of cutting-edge solutions aimed at significantly reducing the environmental impact of yachts”, said Giovanni Costantino, founder and CEO of TISG.

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