Sirena Yachts opens new production facility

Due to a steady growth in sales and an increase in model sizes, the Turkish shipyard is opening a new yard for the construction of steel superyachts
March 11 2024 • by Olga Selezneva 3 minutes to read

Turksih Sirena Yachts announced that they are expanding their production facilities

The company has increased their workforce up to 1200 people and rented another 150,000 sq.m of construction space in Yalova, not far from Istanbul, to concentrate production of steel superyachts there.  

“Yalova is an area renowned for its commercial shipbuilding, so it is appropriate that we should be building the new 42 Steel there,” said Chief Operations Officer Ali Onger. “Hot steel work, such as cutting, bending and welding will all be done by sub-contractors on site. We will also do the outfitting and interior fit-out here. The chief advantage is that we can launch our growing range of big yachts directly from the production halls, with no need for transportation to the water’s edge.” 

The new Yalova site joins Sirena’s two existing building locations in the region. The main of them is a 155,000 square metre complex within a 25 minute’ drive from the sea. The brand builds smaller series yachts there: Sirena 48, 58, 68 and 78. However, they perform the final fit of Sirena 68 and 78 at a different yard, to be able to pass under a number of low bridges on the way to the sea. Besides, there is also a shipyard in Tuzla, which has been given over exclusively to the production of the 88-foot Sirena flagship, which just cannot be transported by motorway because of her size. 

The new yard opening is the result of an impressive period of strong growth for a young brand that was only launched in late 2016. The key reasons for this success are rigorous design work, strong cost control and deep understanding of what the mid-size yachting segment wants. 

“We want to be present in different size ranges, to be the go-to shipyard that can accommodate the needs of the clients from the Sirena 48 upwards”, says Ali Onger. “The biggest brands don’t build this small anymore, but somebody has to be there to provide yachts that can get clients started on their boating journey”. 

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Olga Selezneva
Olga Selezneva
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