Azimut Magellano 60: conservative innovation

One of the latest models from Azimut Yachts is a paradoxical combination of eternal values and high-tech filling
March 22 2024 • by Olga Selezneva 7 minutes to read
Azimut Magellano 60 was designed by Ken Freivokh

The Azimut Magellano 60 debut took place in the autumn of 2023 at European boat shows, where the model received a prestigious international Design Innovation Award 2023 in the category of motor boats over 14 m. What is so innovative about this 18-metre boat? 


There is no shortage of non-standard design solutions on the yachting market. But there is one issue… Quite often the vessel that seems to be bright and unusual at the time of a boat show premiere causes puzzlement a few years later, when you see the same boat listed for sale. 

Azimut Magellano 60 was designed by Ken Freivokh
Azimut Magellano 60 was designed by Ken Freivokh

Rapid obsolescence of design is quite a relevant issue. And if “fast fashion” might be good for clothes industry, a yacht is a far more expensive purchase. One would like to extend the pleasure one gets from the yacht’s appearance at least for some time, not to mention the fact that outdated exterior leads to resale with a large discount. But there are boats that are 30 and 50 years old and still evoke an acute desire to possess: all those lines, proportions and something elusive about them… And in this sense, the Magellano 60 definitely has potential. She looks like a good thing of classic cut, where there is nothing extra, it’s not tight anywhere and looks elegant. Creating this kind of boat nowadays is almost art. 


“Something elusive” usually refers to the very idea of the yacht. When it is not a luxurious means of transport taking you from the beach to the restaurant and not even a “house on the water”, as they often dub yachts in press releases these days, but just a Boat. With a capital B. Nothing more and nothing less. To go out to sea, to see different places and to enjoy the process from start to finish. 

Shaded lounge area on the foredeck
Shaded lounge area on the foredeck

Like all the models of this range, the Magellano 60 is an adventurer. It’s not an explorer for opening up new frontiers or discovering islands thousands of miles away from civilization, but a yacht for light, but long and quite comfortable cruises around nice spots. The Dual-Mode hull is a real treasure for those who prefer to spend time on the water this way.

The Dual Mode semi-displacement hull absorbs the impact of the waves, offering the freedom to cruise in conditions that are far from perfect
The Dual Mode semi-displacement hull absorbs the impact of the waves, offering the freedom to cruise in conditions that are far from perfect

You can speed up if you need to get somewhere fast, or slow down and not worry how much fuel is left, as it will last for long. This kind of boat is comfortable and steady both as low and high speeds, “absorbing” the impact of the waves well. As opposed to planing yachts that are not good at low speeds or displacement yachts that can’t go fast. 


The Dual-Mode hull is the reason the Magellano 60 got an award for innovation. It is best at optimizing fuel consumption and emissions. Besides, the Magellano 60 is the first Azimut model that is capable of being powered by HVOlution, the biofuel produced by Eni Sustainable Mobility with 100% renewable raw materials.

Upper helm station on the flybridge
Upper helm station on the flybridge

The sea trial that took place in the summer of 2023 demonstrated amazing results both in terms of speed and in terms of compatibility of the dual-mode hull and biofuel. This solution allowed the manufacturer to reduce the emission of CO2 by more than 80% compared to a yacht of similar size powered by diesel. 


The engine compartment of the Magellano 60 houses two six-cylinder MAN i6 engines of 730 hp each that can accelerate the boat up to 26 knots. The fuel consumption is quite considerable: about 300 l/h per each engine. While at a cruising speed of 18-20 knots (2000 rev/min) each engine consumes just 95 l/h. In this mode the boat’s range is about 450 nautical miles. It’s not hard to guess that if you decrease the speed even more and switch to the displacement mode, the range will be over 1000 nautical miles. 

Hydraulic bathing platform
Hydraulic bathing platform

What’s inside? 

Main deck saloon
Main deck saloon

The main character of the interior here is the sunlight, which floods generously through large side windows and expansive superstructure glazing. It is supported by soft, natural colours and materials: brushed oak, light lacquers in shades of ivory, bronze details and Vienna straw. 

Aft cockpit with a bar
Aft cockpit with a bar

The aft cockpit extends the main saloon. It was conceived as an infinity terrace with a glass parapet not to obstruct the sea view. The cockpit can be easily transformed from an open dining area into a lounge with an American bar: an ideal aperitivo spot at sunset.

Galley at the entrance to the saloon
Galley at the entrance to the saloon

The galley is located at the entrance, which is convenient in terms of uniting the space of the saloon and the cockpit. It is followed by the saloon / dining room and a dual helm station on the starboard side with a wonderful visibility.

Main helm station
Main helm station

There is a second helm on the flybridge, which is another generous al fresco lounge area. There are three spacious cabins below deck (including a 5-metre full-beam master cabin) and three bathrooms. Long cruises imply a high level of personal comfort.

Master cabin
Master cabin

There is one more skipper’s cabin aft with a private access from the cockpit. If it is not necessary and the boat is handled by the owner, there can be a large stowage place here. But perhaps you will want to give up the helm and just enjoy the voyage. After all, the Azimut Magellano 60 is really conducive to “dolce far niente”, or the bliss of doing nothing. 

Azimut Magellano 60 key characteristics: 

Length: 18.47 m

Beam: 5.15 m

Draft: 1.37 m

Displacement: 35 t

Fuel capacity: 3650 l

Water capacity: 750 l

More detailed specifications for Azimut Magellano 60 can be found here.


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Olga Selezneva
Olga Selezneva
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