Aviator shipyard announces launch and delivery of second 10K catamaran

Aviator shipyard from Samara announces that work on the second hull of the 9.8-metre 10K catamaran has entered the final stage, and the delivery to the owner will take place this July
July 5 2024 6 minutes to read
There will be a lifting control console on the second hull's flybridge (the photo is of the first hull)

Compared to the first 10K hull, the second catamaran will feature some considerable changes, as the owner is planning to use the boat for underwater hunting

Following the sale of the first Aviator 10K, which was unveiled at the Samara Boat Show 2024 in May, the yard reports that the second hull is almost ready, and the third 10K hull will be complete by the end of July. 

There will be a lifting control console on the second hull's flybridge (the photo is of the first hull)
There will be a lifting control console on the second hull's flybridge (the photo is of the first hull)

“The boat is almost ready, the equipment has been installed, the engineering part is done, the hull and the superstructure have been painted, and the panelling is almost complete, too. After the final check of all systems the boat will be delivered to her owner”, said Alexander Galkin, co-owner of “Aviator” shipyard.

Due to the fact that the boat was built for the owner who is keen on underwater hunting and is planning to operate her mainly in autumn, the catamaran has been changed. 

The area of the cockpit has been changed to make it comfortable in any weather: the cockpit is sheltered with a tent, there is an output for a heater, a shower, a sofa, and there are railings for fixing the screens that will project the images from the bottom scanners and other necessary data. 

“The cockpit space was arranged so that it would be convenient to change and get some rest here, to use it as a starting point. All the navigation will be displayed here, too. Everything on this boat was done with hunting in mind. Even the flooring in the saloon allows one to run back and forth wet”, explains Alexander Galkin.

9.8 m

The flybridge layout will be different, too. While it was free on the first hull, now there will be a lifting control console, which can be lowered or raised to the necessary level when the captain is at helm. There is also a third, standing position, when the captain can handle the boat in a standing position and watch the hunters overboard. The second Aviator 10K is going to be powered by two outboard Honda engines of 250 hp each. 

Instead of two 200 hp Suzuki engines, there will be twin 250 hp Honda engines
Instead of two 200 hp Suzuki engines, there will be twin 250 hp Honda engines

The third Aviator 10K, built for the owner from Zavidovo, is currently at the final construction stage, too. This catamaran’s layout will be changed considerably, too, but for now the yard does not reveal all the details. What we know now is that the boat will be “high-performance and feature an unusual layout”, as well as that she will powered by twin Suzuki engines of 300 hp each.

“We are planning to deliver this hull in August, and along with work on these two boats, we start building a 10K with waterjets, and the first 12k catamaran, which will be powered by twin 325 hp Suzuki engines. All these boats will go on sea trials this summer”, shares Alexander Galkin. 

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