Enata to build innovative yachts for UAE-based Mirarri brand

Two UAE-based companies have signed an agreement to collaborate and already started building the first 16.7-metre Mirarri yacht
May 2 2024 4 minutes to read
The length of the first Mirarri yacht is 16.7 m

Turkish designer Timur Bozca has been engaged in the development of the model with a task to create an elegant, but  innovative vessel 

Just like Enata, the founder of the Mirarri brand, Rashed Al Shaali, is not new to yachting. The former became best-known for the Foiler, the “flying yacht”, while Rashed Al Shaali has accumulated wide experience in such companies as Gulf Craft, Dubai Marine and Al Shaali Marine. 

The goal of the new Mirarri brand is quite ambitious: to manufacture the yachts of the future, where innovative technologies will be coupled with original design, and the owners will have an opportunity not only to get new experience, but to relax on the water. 

The length of the first Mirarri yacht is 16.7 m
The length of the first Mirarri yacht is 16.7 m

The first 16.7-metre model features a hull of carbon fibre, as well as titanium and kevlar, which will allow for a number of distinctive features. Thus, the superstructure of the yacht is adorned with a huge glass dome. This solution does not only allow for an unusual design, but provides a sense of unity with the environment and fills the interior with natural light. 

The superstructure adorned with a glass dome is one of the standout features of the Mirarri yachts
The superstructure adorned with a glass dome is one of the standout features of the Mirarri yachts

“When I met Rashed and he shared his vision for Mirarri and the collaboration with Enata, I knew it was going to be something extraordinary. This collaboration resonated with my passion for unique materials and design concepts. Rashed sought not only innovative design but also a distinctive sensory experience,” shared Timur Bozca, commenting on his work on the first Mirarri yacht.

All the areas on board the Mirarri are integrated seamlessly
All the areas on board the Mirarri are integrated seamlessly

As the superstructure is full-beam, the access to the foredeck, with a recreation area is right from the saloon: the central part of the dome opens up, and going up the stairs the guests find themselves on the foredeck with two transformable sunbeds. There is a BBQ and a bar on the aft deck, so that the guests could enjoy the food and drinks, while relaxing by the water.

The furniture and various zones layouts are designed to provide fluidity and seamless integration of interior and exterior areas. 

Main deck saloon on board the Mirarri yacht
Main deck saloon on board the Mirarri yacht

There are two full-beam cabins below deck. One of them is forward, and the master cabin is amidships. The emphasis is on the expensive finishes, designer furniture and ample spaces, while there is a compact galley with a lounge between the cabins. 

Master cabin on board the Mirarri yacht
Master cabin on board the Mirarri yacht

Mirarri yachts are expected to be equipped with Enata’s Wingman system, which has already been demonstrated by the Foiler. It will enable remote control of various aspects of the yacht, over-the-air updates, remote diagnostics and preventive maintenance.  

“Construction of the first Mirarri yacht is well underway, with Enata having been in production of the tooling for several months now. I can’t wait for the first Mirarri to be revealed to the world,” says Rashed Al Shaali. 

The first Mirarri yacht is due to be competed in 2025.

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